Let The Good Times Roller Skate At This Time Travel Event

They see me rolling…

Look, we know times can be tough when we have to wait a whole year until the ice rinks re-open and we can get our Torvil and Dean on. But, how about a roller disco alternative? Roller Nation has skated back into our lives at serious speed and we’re totally ready to break some Austin Powers inspired moves on the slippery surface.

So if you’re interested then whack on your leg warmers, grab a neon headband and the hand of your lover and let’s skate! The 80s-inspired fun is popping up in Tottenham, having previously existed in Vauxhall and King’s Cross. It’s the only purpose-built roller disco rink in the UK and it’s ready for you make a fool out of yourself on! But, if you’re going to slip and slide about like it’s going out of fashion then try not to do it in front of popular faces (Kate Middleton and Madonna have also visited Roller Nation in the past!)

This summer there’s a whopper of a party that throws it back to the 60s and spins it through to the present day with music. The ‘Skate The Decades’ party on June 22nd will give you an excuse to fall over on the rink and pass it off as boogying and, to make you look cooler than you already do, Punk Baroque will be on hand to submerge you in vintage clothes galore.

Roller Nation can be found at 117 Bruce Grove, Tottenham, N17 6UR. Skate you there!