“Travel Event” attracts motorcyclists

In Niedereschach the Touratech Travel Event takes place again.  Photo: Bantle

In Niedereschach the Touratech Travel Event takes place again. Photo: Bantle

Niedereschach – The travel event of the Niedereschacher company Touratech takes place again from today on Friday. Along with this, the traffic management is also temporarily changed.

From Friday, May 31st to Sunday, June 2nd, the travel event of the company “Touratech” will take place in Niedereschach. For this reason, until Sunday evening changed traffic in the area of ​​the Dauchinger Straße and the commercial area. For this purpose, the road users and also the traders and customers in the business park are asked for their understanding. Once again, thousands of visitors and motorcyclists from Germany and abroad are expected at this event in Niedereschach. Just as it has been customary at the Touratech event for ten years. The event will take place this year on the new construction site of the company Touratech as well as on a closed off section of the Dauchinger Straße. A full closure of the Dauchinger Straße is therefore not required. All traffic can be diverted via the commercial area. The Road Administration of LandratsamtSchwarzwald-Baar-Kreis has therefore ordered the blocking or redirection.

The blocking and redirection are valid until Sunday evening, 18 o’clock, coming from the center, after the entrance “Gewerbestraße / company Holzwerk Roth” and end shortly before the entrance “Spitzacker / company Nobatec”, whereby the entrance “Hohrain” likewise affected by the blocking is.

The “Lohnweg” is shown on a partial route as a one-way street. Road users wishing to get into the Niedereschach business park or to Dauchingen can follow the diversion signage via the Gewerbestrasse – Wilhelm-Jerger-Straße – to the second exit / entrance in the direction of Dauchingen. This applies to both directions. The business park can thus be reached continuously. The recycling center in the commercial area will also be open and accessible on Saturday.

Mayor Martin Ragg, the mayor of the municipality, appreciates this extraordinary and exciting event. By the way, according to Ragg, the Niedereschach event is known throughout Germany. At the same time, they knew that the event demanded a lot from the citizens. Therefore Mayor Ragg asks all citizens for understanding.